Reduced Food Waste

Rendering is a hugely important part of the solution to reducing food waste; and one that many do not know of or talk about when having the sustainability conversation.

Roughly 50% of an animal is considered inedible by Americans. Rendering reclaims these tissues and transforms them into ingredients for countless products-Recycling 99% of this unwanted meat and diverting it from landfills.

If all these leftovers were sent to a landfill, instead of being rendered — all available landfill space would be completely full in only 4 years.

Instead, rendering recycles and reuses this material (to the tune of 19 billion pounds of fat, oil and protein products) to create nutritious pet food, biodiesels, and countless other useful products – making rendering one of the most sustainable processes for reducing food waste.

By reclaiming and upcycling otherwise discarded meat and poultry leftovers, renderers make our food production footprint smaller.