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Current RFPs

Request for Proposal: Collection & Statistical Analysis of Emission Data

The purpose of this RFP is to confidentially collect, collate, and analyze aerial emissions data for use to establish industry baselines and standards.

Please submit your proposal no later than May 30, 2024

Email your submission to:

Request for Proposal: U.S. Rendering Industry Life Cycle Assessment Data for Submission in the GFLI Database

The purpose of this RFP is to is to solicit a contractor to compile an LCA dataset to be presented to the GFLI and accepted into the GFLI database. Feed manufacturers and their downstream customers (livestock and aquaculture producers, pet food brands, and retailers) require this data because it helps them demonstrate carbon reduction in their supply chain and ultimately meet their company’s sustainability targets. Without reliable data about U.S. rendered products in the GFLI database, feed manufacturers are likely to source alternative feed ingredients or rendered raw materials from origins other than the U.S. that already have data in the GFLI database.

Please submit your proposal no later than May 15, 2024

Email your submission to: