Rendering Code of Practice

The Rendering Code of Practice sets standards for safe feed production to promote a quality output program across the rendering industry. Rendering certification allows industry members to demonstrate adherence to stringent quality and safety standards for livestock feed and pet food production and distribution.

By meeting these requirements, the industry helps maintain its high-quality standards consistently, helping to support better animal nutrition and rendering practices. By partnering with the North American Renderers’ Association (NARA), meat processors and renderers across the industry can use this certification to further compliance and feed safety.

The Rendering Code of Practice

What Is the Rendering COP?

The voluntary Rendering Code of Practice (COP) was developed by NARA in conjunction with the rendering industry. NARA built this certification to help support renderers in meeting and demonstrating high safety standards for food production. As renderers use discarded meat materials and repurpose them for livestock feed and pet food applications, they can rely on the Rendering COP to improve their processes and maintain quality standards.

The Code includes several valuable resources, including:

  • Third-party audits: The Rendering COP provides third-party audits to help evaluate and optimize plant processes, ensuring the best standards for safety and quality in food production.
  • Educational programs: To support industry development and safety measures implementation, the program offers educational resources and opportunities to teach industry members about safety requirements and best practices.
  • Recommended operating practices: By establishing recommendations for effective operating practices, the program supports consistent standards, streamlined processing, and optimized quality controls across the industry.

Safe Food Program Compliance

The Rendering COP program helps meat processors and renderers across the industry meet protocol and regulations for food safety. NARA’s guidelines help organizations adhere to critical industrial requirements and ensure the best quality products go to consumers.

Guidelines promote compliance with FDA’s regulations to implement the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), helping meat processors and renderers across the industry meet these regulations. The Rendering COP is aligned with the Safe Feed/Safe Food Program of the American Feed Industry Association (AFIA).

Advantages of Rendering Certification

Investing in rendering certification for your organization can provide a wide range of advantages. Rendering stewardship supports your processes with benefits like these:

  • Cost-effective production: By implementing best practices for your food processing and rendering applications, you can increase your organization’s cost-efficiency.
  • Increased consumer confidence: Voluntarily meeting the Rendering Code of Practice standards helps you demonstrate your commitment to high-quality food production. As a result, you’ll build trust with consumers who recognize your consistent quality and safety standards.
  • Greater sustainability: With best practices, educational resources, and more, this certification can help you maximize your positive environmental impact in the rendering industry.
  • Trusted compliance: The resources provided by rendering certification can help your business fully comply with critical food processing standards across the industry.

Receiving Code of Practice Certification

To help support industry development, NARA offers various resources so you can move toward certification. You’ll need to prepare for the audit, implement best practices and quality monitoring, and continue to maintain these standards after earning certification.

Take advantage of NARA’s resources here:

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To further rendering stewardship, advocacy, and high-quality production standards across the industry, NARA offers a wide range of resources to meet critical needs for members. From political advocacy to engagement with key stakeholders to educational resources, NARA supports industry development.

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