Biosecurity and APPI

Biosecurity for the Rendering Industry

The Animal Protein Producers Industry (APPI) program helps renderers earn customer confidence in their products.

APPI is responsible for product testing, the Salmonella education program in North America, and the Rendering Code of Practice (COP). APPI’s objectives are uniquely focused to assist members in the manufacture of safe rendered ingredients. APPI’s Goals:

  • Improve the microbiological and chemical quality of feed fat and animal proteins
  • Develop and disseminate educational materials
  • Conduct seminars on controlling biological, chemical, and physical hazards
  • Fund research to discover solutions to safety and quality issues

As market needs change, APPI’s innovative programs evolve to promote the safety of animal proteins and feed fats through testing, continuing education and training, and collaborative research.

Who Should Join APPI?  Is this the Member

Any rendering plant in the United States and Canada is eligible for membership that is engaged in processing of animal and poultry by-products, fats, and oils into finished protein and energy used to produce animal food ingredients.


  • Sign up to join by emailing Dara John, who will walk you through the steps to submit the annual $800 membership fee and $100 for a test kit.
  • Submit 1 sample per week (52 per year) to the APPI contract laboratory (only you get your results).
  • Purchase and use the APPI training video and poster kit to educate plant employees on pathogen control, prevention of cross-contamination, and other safety measures ($550).

Contact Dara John at 660-277-3469 or email with any questions.

Small glasses being filled with a pink liquid for biosecurity testing