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APPI Membership

Who Should Join APPI?
APPI membership eligibility applies to rendering plants in the United States and Canada engaged in the processing of animal and poultry by-products & fats & oils into finished protein meals. The category of APPI Associate Members is now combined with NARA Associate Members—available to those entities that are otherwise ineligible for active membership, but have a common interest with the members.

Becoming an APPI Member

  • Sign up and mail in the required fee ($900) for the current year. (Cost includes $800 membership, $100 for test kit and sales tax).
  • Submit 1 sample per week (52 per year) to the Laboratory for analysis. (Samples can be submitted on a monthly basis).
  • Purchase the Salmonella Reduction Education Program video/dvd/cd-rom kit ($550).


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Producing ingredients used for rendering

Active Member List

Active membership eligibility applies to rendering plants in the US & Canada engaged in the processing of animal & poultry by-products, fats & oils into finished protein meals.

A list of APPI’s members is published twice per year. To be listed as a member, a plant must have purchased the Video/Education kit & submitted fifty-two (52) samples to the laboratory within the calendar year.


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Quality Assurance

The Animal Protein Producers Industry (APPI) was founded in 1984 to develop a coordinated program for Salmonella testing that assists in the control of the organism in rendered animal proteins.

This testing program also includes surveillance and education to assure safe feed supplements for livestock, poultry, and pet foods. APPI functions with allied industries to form alliances to implement effective preventive and control measures to insure a safe feed/food supply.

APPI coordinates with government regulatory agencies, academia, and allied groups to strengthen communication and share information on new initiatives like HACCP.

The American Feed Industry Association (AFIA) encourages its members to only purchase from APPI participants. AFIA supports APPI quality initiative programs including testing for indicators such as Clostridium Perfringens, process control verification testing, and the Rendering Code of Practice. These programs fit perfectly with AFIA’s Safe Feed/Safe Food program.

Contact APPI

Animal Protein Producers Industry
Dara John, Manager of APPI Programs
P.O. Box 132, 1143 C.R. 1123
Huntsville, MO 65259
Phone: 660 277 3469 • Fax: 660 277 3466

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