Animal Nutrition

Rendered animal protein meals are excellent sources of calcium, phosphorus, protein and essential amino acids. When animal fats are added to feed rations, they provide needed energy and improve palatability.

Because North American renderers process at optimum temperatures over a prescribed length of time and they use strict quality control measures, animal protein meals are consistently high quality, uniform, stable, affordable and nutritionally dense.

Pet Food

Pet food and products are a multi-billion dollar industry—and the market is growing. Rendered protein meals such as meat and bone meal, poultry by-product meal, and fish meal are almost universally used in pet foods. They provide high quality protein with a good balance of amino acids essential to pet health.

View exciting results from a first-of-its-kind joint pet food study with the Pet Food Institute  and AFIA  detailing how the pet food production process feeds the agriculture economy and reduces food waste.

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Aquaculture Feeds

Aquaculture is a diverse industry which is rapidly expanding. An ever-growing segment of this industry utilizes high quality, but expensive, compounded feeds. Rendered animal proteins and fats have been used in aquaculture feeds for several decades and have undergone much research in recent years.

aquaculture feed made from rendered ingredients