International Trade

Exports of U.S. rendered products provide animal protein meals, fats and oils for livestock, poultry, aquaculture and pet food production around the world.  These fats and oils are also used overseas as feedstock for biofuel production and ingredients for a host of industrial and consumer products.

NARA encourages work by the U.S. government to maintain and open new market opportunities to increase overseas sales.  This can occur through enforceable trade agreements with foreign nations, technical negotiations to overcome overseas non-tariff barriers, and strong sanitary-phytosanitary (SPS) agreements.

Since almost twenty percent of U.S. rendered products are exported each year, the rendering industry’s livelihood is significantly affected by international trade developments. Exports provide important support for rendering jobs and support local communities, often in rural areas. Top markets are Mexico, China, Indonesia, Chile, Singapore, the European Union, and Canada.

Globe to represent international trade and rendering