Fats and Proteins Research Foundation (FPRF)

FPRF’s purpose is to fund research that results in enhanced usage and development of new applications for rendered animal products. This provides added value to rendering, allied industries, and customers. FPRF is a nonprofit, non-lobbying organization as defined in 501-C Illinois statutes.

In 2005 FPRF funded and launched the Animal Co-Products Research and Education Center at Clemson University (ACREC) in Clemson South Carolina.

Most rendering research is conducted by NARA’s sister organization, the Fats and Proteins Research Foundation (FPRF). Since its founding in 1962, FPRF has completed more than 650 research projects that have documented the continued improvement in the quality, safety, and sustainability of rendered products.

Biofuels research has also been a part of FPRF’s research goals since the 1990s. The rendering industry has had great success using rendered animal fats as fuel. FPRF’s research on the fuel’s burning characteristics and emissions convinced EPA to approve the use of substituting animal fats for No. 2 or No. 6 fuel oil or natural gas for steam production.

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