Welcome Dr. Charles Starkey!

As many in the rendering industry know, after more than 18 years at NARA and a lifetime in the animal agriculture industry, Dr. David Meeker has retired from his position as The Fats and Proteins Foundation (FPRF) Research Director, and NARA’s Senior Vice President of Scientific Services. Read the press release announcing Dr. Meeker’s retirement.

NARA thanks Dr. Meeker for his time and dedication to the rendering industry, and though the farewell was bittersweet, NARA is excited to announce that Dr. Charles Starkey has been selected to take over the position. Dr. Starkey is now acting as NARA’s Vice President of Scientific and Regulatory Affairs and has also taken on the important role of FPRF’s Director of Research.

In this role Dr. Starkey will serve as an advisor to the North American rendering industry on science, animal disease, and feed safety issues, and oversee all animal food safety research, training, and policy. He will represent the rendering industry to regulatory agencies, academia, and partner organizations on industry issues such as sustainability, animal health, biosecurity, pathogen control, and environmental impact, as well as provide technical advice and assist members to meet regulatory requirements and standards of the Rendering Code of Practice.

As FPRF Research Director, Dr. Starkey will lead all research efforts for the foundation, assist FPRF members, and play an active role in FPRF funded research programs.

Dr. Starkey received his BS and MS degrees from Arkansas State University; and his Ph.D. in Animal Nutrition from Kansas State University. Prior to NARA, Dr. Starkey served as Assistant Professor at Auburn University’s Poultry Science Department where he taught courses in animal feed manufacturing and poultry production and led research activities focused on pet food and feed manufacturing, nutrition, and gastrointestinal physiology. Read the full press release here.

Please join us in welcoming Dr. Starkey to the NARA and FPRF team!

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