3 Cheers for Doggos! Celebrating National Dog Day 2021

National Dog Day is observed every year on August 26th, and if you are a pet parent to a pooch, we know you appreciate your furry friend 365 days of the year! But we like to recognize National Dog Day to remind you that the pet food you feed your fur babies is safe, healthy, and sustainable thanks to rendering.

Rendered protein meals, derived from the rendering process, are a vital ingredient in safe pet food and provide all the nutrients and minerals that your dog needs while also ensuring that their food is highly sustainable.

In fact, NARA’s Senior Vice President of Scientific Services, Dr. David Meeker, published an article on just that, titled Rendered Ingredients Significantly Influence Sustainability, Quality, and Safety of Pet Food. You can read the full article or download the PDF here to learn more.

An important partner in NARA’s focus on pet food safety is the Pet Food Institute (PFI).

Based in Washington, DC, PFI is the national trade association representing dog and cat food manufacturers. PFI serves as the voice of pet food makers before Congress and at state legislatures, is a resource for media and the public, and interacts with federal and state regulators at the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) and state regulatory agencies.

For tens of millions of households across the country, dogs are loved members of the family that bring so many benefits to our lives,” said Mary Emma Young, senior director of communications and strategic planning with the Pet Food Institute (PFI). “National Dog Day is a great moment to recognize how we can also show our love by providing pets with the complete and balanced nutrition that they need for a long and healthy life.”

One of PFI’s newest videos covers the important issue of responsible weight management for pets, which covers tips for responsible feeding and treating habits – a critical issue for the health of your dogs and other pets as many of us have spent more time at home in recent months.

They also answer some common questions about pet food safety, nutrition and ingredients – a great introductory resource for folks who want to learn more about pet food but aren’t sure where to start.

And if the doggy in your household is new addition, check out their recent blog post about puppy nutrition with some fun facts about what makes good nutrition for your pup so important!

For more information on PFI, visit www.petfoodinstitute.org

And to learn more how rendered ingredients in pet food are safe and nutritious as well as sustainable, read the results of the Pet Food Production and Ingredients Analysis, our joint study with The Institute for Feed Education and Research (IFEEDER) and PFI.


We wish you, and all your furry friends, a safe and happy National Dog Day!

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