Gearing Up For National Rendering Day -10 Ways to Celebrate

The 2nd annual National Rendering Day will be observed on April 21st. Celebrating this important day each year helps in educating on and acknowledging the vital role of rendering in sustainability and environmental protection and shows appreciation for all those in the rendering industry.

Initiated by the North American Renderers Association (NARA) in 2022, this National Day highlights agricultural rendering, a process that has been used for centuries to transforms food waste into valuable resources. As we gear up to commemorate National Rendering Day, let’s explore 10 meaningful ways to celebrate this occasion and raise awareness about the importance of rendering in reducing food waste and promoting sustainability.

  1. Educational Workshops and Seminars: Organize educational workshops or webinars to enlighten others about the rendering process, its environmental benefits, and its contribution to sustainability. Invite experts to share insights and engage participants in discussions about the significance of rendering in waste reduction.
  2. Social Media Campaigns: Launch social media campaigns using the hashtag #NationalRenderingDay to spread awareness about the importance of rendering in reducing food waste. Share informative posts, graphics, and videos highlighting the sustainable aspects of rendering and encouraging others to join the cause. Click here for NARA’s National Rendering Day Social Media Toolkit.
  3. Community Outreach Events: Partner with local organizations, schools, or community centers to host outreach events focused on sustainability and waste reduction. Organize activities such as composting workshops, recycling drives, or cooking demonstrations using rendered products to showcase their versatility.
  4. Rendering Facility Tours: Reach out to local rendering plants to ask if you can arrange a tour of their rendering facilities to witness firsthand the process of transforming food waste into valuable resources. If involving your friends or community, provide educational sessions using information and infographics from during the tours to explain the various stages of rendering and its environmental impact.
  5. Artistic Competitions: Organize artistic competitions or challenges centered around the theme of sustainability and rendering. Invite participants to create artwork, digital renderings, or multimedia projects that depict the importance of reducing food waste and promoting eco-friendly practices. Or, compete for who can use the National Rendering Day logo in the most creative way! NARA member organizations may even want to design t-shirts or other apparel for their staff to celebrate each year!
  6. Collaborative Initiatives: Collaborate with environmental organizations, government agencies, or industry partners to launch collaborative initiatives aimed at promoting sustainable practices in food production and waste management. Work together to develop innovative solutions and policy recommendations for reducing food waste.
  7. Film Screenings and Documentaries: Host screenings of documentaries or films that explore the environmental impact of food waste and the role of rendering in mitigating this issue. Organize post-screening discussions to facilitate dialogue and inspire action among attendees.
  8. Educational Materials and Resources: Create educational materials, such as brochures, infographics, or lesson plans, to distribute to schools, businesses, and community groups. Provide information about the benefits of rendering and practical tips for reducing food waste at home and in the workplace. Refer to for information or contact with questions on how to start.
  9. Public Awareness Campaigns: Launch public awareness campaigns in collaboration with local media outlets, influencers, and public figures. Use advertising, interviews, and feature articles to reach a broader audience and educate them about the importance of rendering in preserving the environment.
  10. Recognition and Appreciation: Take the time to recognize and appreciate individuals and organizations within the rendering industry for their contributions to sustainability and waste reduction. Highlight their achievements through awards, testimonials, or special acknowledgments to showcase their dedication to environmental stewardship.

National Rendering Day serves as a reminder of the critical role that rendering plays in promoting sustainability, reducing food waste, and protecting the environment. By celebrating this day through educational initiatives, community outreach, and collaborative efforts, we can raise awareness about the importance of rendering and inspire positive change in our communities. Let’s come together to honor the innovative spirit of rendering and work towards a more sustainable future for generations to come.

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