7 Reasons to Attend the International Rendering Symposium at IPPE

The annual International Rendering Symposium returns to the 2024 IPPE, and this year it’s better than ever! Join us in person February 1 & 2 at the Georgia Center Congress Center or virtually!


Register now to…


1. Hear from global industry thought leaders on subjects like:

  • How to think like a bird or a shrimp…or at least what feed ingredients they crave

  • How to improve the sustainability of aquaculture diets

  • How to increase sustainable pet food production

  • How to utilize global LCA data to improve the impact of feeding poultry


2. Learn the truth about the misleading “food vs fuel” claims



3. Experience simultaneous translation for all presentations



4. Hear recent market intelligence case studies and how to spot early warning signals before exports are impacted



5. Learn how to reduce your carbon footprint by formulating feed with rendered products



6. Have your questions answered at the Q&A Speaker Panels



7. And as always, join speakers after Thursday’s program for a networking cocktail reception!


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Already registered for IPPE but forgot to add this event? No problem! You can register for the International Rendering Symposium any time by simply editing your existing registration or visiting the IPPE onsite registration area at the Georgia World Congress Center. For help or questions please email awilkinson@nara.org.

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