Have You Checked Out Our Rendering Podcast?

Have you checked out NARA’s rendering podcast, The Invisible Industry? Whether you are a member of the Animal Ag or rendering industries, or you are just interested in learning about rendering, how rendering supports sustainability, reduced food waste and the circular economy; we invite you to begin your journey by starting with our newest episode!


In this historic 6th episode of the podcast we discuss National Rendering Day, a new National day that is now officially observed every 21st of April in recognition and appreciation of renderers and the highly sustainable nature of the rendering process.


With the inaugural celebration of the first National Rendering Day having taken place this April of 2023, we celebrate the historic occasion by talking with two individuals who were instrumental in making National Rendering Day a reality: Kent Swisher, President, and CEO of the North American Renderers Association (NARA), and Michael Koewler, NARA member, and President of Sacramento Rendering.


Host Marcus Wintzer chats with our guests about how this important day got its start, what it means for renderers and the larger community, and how you too can help spread awareness of rendering’s positive environmental and sustainability impacts by celebrating with us every April 21st.


View the video version of the podcast on YouTube, or the NARA website, or listen to the audio version on Spotify or Amazon Music.


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