NARA Supports The Protein PACT

Earlier this month NARA issued a press release announcing that it has joined  dozens of other food and Agriculture organizations in supporting The Protein PACT: For the People, Animals and Climate of Tomorrow, the largest-ever effort to strengthen animal protein’s contributions to healthy people, healthy animals, healthy communities and a healthy environment.

NARA has endorsed the Protein PACT because we recognize the importance of continuous improvement in the animal agriculture industry and see the benefit that the Protein PACT’s accomplishments will have on our organization, our members, and global consumers. The Protein PACT Sustainability Framework encompasses more than 100 metrics developed through extensive collaboration with sustainability experts and supply chain partners.


In the press release, NARA President and CEO, Kent Swisher, noted of the endorsement: “NARA members, often called the “original recyclers,” have been dedicated to a healthy planet through the very nature of their business for over 100 years and recognizes the importance of continuous improvement in the animal agricultural space.”


To learn more, please visit the Protein PACT website, and be sure to follow NARA at on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn for more important announcements and news like this.

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