NARA Urges Congress to Move Forward With SHIP IT Act

On March 10th NARA issued a press release announcing that the association had joined other members of the Agricultural Transportation Working Group in signing a letter of support for the Safer Highways and Increased Performance for Interstate Trucking Act (SHIP IT). Read the press release.

The letter urges Congress to take action to improve supply chain function to support truck transportation.

Trucking freight is a cornerstone of the transportation industry with most forms of cargo being moved by truck at least once throughout the supply chain process. A disruption in trucking means a disruption in the full supply chain process.

Critical rendered ingredients, such as those used for pet food and animal feed, travel by truck transportation and a disruption of the trucking industry could mean the delay of ingredients for these products potentially causing undue harm to the both the household pet and livestock population. Additionally, decreased productivity caused by a disruption in the supply chain could also mean a considerable economic loss for those in the rendering industry, and the ag industry as a whole.

The SHIP IT act would address concerns and provide swift and metered solutions for the need for an increased number of truck drivers, parking for trucks, productivity, environmental proficiency, emergency planning, and more flexibility for haulers.

The SHIP IT Act continues to gain traction and has now surpassed 100 endorsements from various businesses and organizations who have expressed their support. U.S. Representative Dusty Johnson (R-S.D.), who introduced the SHIP IT act in January of this year with U.S. Representative Jim Costa (D-CA), highlighted this industry support.

More recently, the below four sponsors have added to the bill.

Rep. Moore, Barry [R-AL-2]

Rep. Jackson, Ronny [R-TX-13]

Rep. Mann, Tracey [R-KS-1]

Rep. Rouzer, David [R-NC-7]


NARA is proud to support the SHIP IT act which would offer improvements to U.S. transportation,  infrastructure, and provide environmental and economic support.

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