60 Years of FPRF

This year marks the 60th anniversary of the Fats and Proteins Research Foundation (FPRF), the rendering industry’s research organization.

The Fats and Proteins Research Foundation was originally hatched from a committee within the NARA (formerly the National Renderers Association), but it quickly became evident that a full time research foundation was necessary to represent the research needs of the rendering industry. So, 60 years ago, FRPF was established as a full-time effort devoted to research, and as a scientific platform to build credible evidence for the sustainable use of rendering byproducts.

Members of FPRF contribute in a cooperative effort to focus research resources on the industry’s research needs and initiatives. Over 600 research studies have been funded by FPRF since its start in the 1960’s.

Studies have been funded through FPRF to demonstrate food safety and nutritional improvement, as well as the effectiveness of rendering in killing viruses. The foundation also funds substantial research on non-feed related products – such as renewable energy and biodiesel. Projects funded over the years increase the valuation of rendered byproducts and contribute to the rendering industry’s sustainability efforts.

Research focused on sustainable uses for rendered products helps to identify and support new potential uses and markets for less desirable byproducts of the rendering process. One example of this type of research is Dr. Kevin Finneran’s work using rendered byproducts for soil remediation. Learn more about Dr. Finneran’s research in this interview.

The topic of NARA’s latest episode of our rendering podcast, The Invisible Industry, was the foundation’s anniversary, and we had the pleasure of speaking with three individuals who have been instrumental in the formation and ongoing success of the organization – FPRF chairman, Mike Carlson, Dave Kaluzny, former chairman of both NARA and FPRF, and current member of the FPRF board of directors, and NARA’s Senior Vice President, and FPRF research director, Dr. David Meeker.

In the episode they discuss how FPRF began, its rich history, current and future projects, success stories, and how to support the work the foundation does to increase sustainability. Watch the podcast here.

We are proud to celebrate 60 years of sustainable innovations and novel research made possible by the Fats and Proteins Research Foundation. Enormous thanks and gratitude to all FPRF members, partners, and researchers for making this possible.

For information on how to become a member of FPRF and support the foundations’ efforts, please email info@fprf.org.

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