Rendering’s Sustainability Story Gets a Boost: Feature Article Published in 3 International Agriculture and Animal Nutrition Magazines

Rendering education continues to be a top priority at NARA. The more awareness there is about what rendering is and what we do, the more renderers and NARA members can showcase rendering’s important contributions to reduced food waste and sustainability as a whole.

Agricultural rendering is an industry that has largely “flown under the radar” for many years, but we are now proudly sharing our sustainability story. Rendering is by definition sustainable as we are taking otherwise wasted material and transforming it into safe, new, beneficial, and sustainable goods.

Recently our story got a boost when an article on rendering sustainability, written by NARA’s Director of Communications, Anna Wilkinson, was published in the June 2022 issue of three international agriculture and animal nutrition magazines: Milling and GrainInternational Aquafeed, and International Petfood.

The article outlines all the ways rendering supports  environmental sustainability, and also how the rendering industry supports the 3 pillars of sustainability – making it not only environmentally sustainable, but also socially and economically sustainable as well.


Read the articles here:

Milling and Grain 

International Aquafeed 

International Petfood



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