Podcast: Biofuels & Renewable Diesel

In the 3rd episode of NARA’s quarterly podcast, The Invisible Industry, host Marcus Wintzer welcomes guest, Michael Rath, of Darling Ingredients, and episode co-host, Michael Karman, of Sanimax, to discuss biofuels & renewable diesel and rendering’s important role in these industries.

We take a deep dive into the science behind these fuels, their benefits, why and how government involvement plays a role, and answer questions like “what exactly are biofuels” and “what is the difference between traditional biodiesel and renewable diesel,” as well as break down the steps taken to produce them.

Mike and Mike also discuss the renewable fuel standard (RFS) and its effect on the industry as well as look ahead to the future of renewable energy (Will we see rockets launched into space that run on used cooking oil? You’ll need to tune in to find out!).


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