We Interviewed Dr. Kevin Finneran on his ACREC Funded Work

Director of Communications for NARA and FPRF (the Fats and Proteins Research Foundation), Anna Wilkinson, recently had the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Kevin Finneran, a recipient of one of 6 projects selected for this year’s funding at the Animal Co-Products Research & Education Center (ACREC).


ACREC is a joint project with Clemson University and FPRF with the mission to:


  • Ensure microbial safety of rendered products for animal feeds and consumer protection
  • Promote environmentally sound practices
  • Develop new market opportunities for the worldwide rendering industry
  • Provide educational opportunities in animal co-product utilization


Projects funded through ACREC represent a wide diversity in different fields and areas of  innovative research.


Dr. Finneran is a professor in the department of environmental engineering and earth sciences at Clemson university. His research focuses on combined microbial and chemical reactions in bio-remediation and bio-degradation applications, and how microbial communities respond to electron donor amendments at all scales.


During the interview, Dr. Finneran’s work on The Use of Rendering Co-Products as Electron Donors for Subsurface Remediation is discussed, as well as how this project positively impacts the three pillars of sustainability, what this could mean for renderers and rendering in the future, and how ACREC was instrumental to his research.


Watch the interview HERE


A link to the interview is also featured on the FPRF website homepage.


For more information on his research, you can contact Kevin directly at ktf@clemson.edu. To learn more about ACREC and FPRF, contact NARA’s Senior Vice President of Scientific Services, and Research Director for FPRF, Dr. David Meeker.

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