National Puppy Day & NARA II Update

March 23rd was National Puppy Day, so we thought there was no better topic for our March blog than to update everyone on our CCI puppy, Nara II, and showcase the amazing work that NARA’s partner, Canine Companions for Independence (CCI), is doing.

Canine Companions for Independence is a non-profit organization that pairs canine assistance animals with children, adults, and veterans in need.

Learn more about the important work CCI is doing by providing service dogs for Veterans with PTSD here, or visit their website at

Our favorite “puppy” Nara II is projected to start his professional training in May 2021. (He is going to doggy college!)

We checked in with Nara II’s “puppy raiser” for more updates on our favorite pup and she sent us all the news (and a couple of new photos)!

“Nara II is exceedingly handsome and is a most popular boy in the neighborhood, but even with his sweet face, he can be quite a troublemaker!


However, he has settled down and learned almost every command. He’s great at “out” and “back”, loves his walks and early morning jogs, cuddles with our granddaughter; and either snuggles with my other dog or chases him around the house.


Nara II has beautiful light tan eyes and a superb head that wrinkles with expression. (I really love his wrinkles!) When we are out and about, he always gets comments about his exceptional good looks!”

We wish our handsome Nara II the very best of luck at his professional training in May – we know he will do a doggone great job!


To get involved or donate to Canine Companions for Independence, visit


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