A Very “Green” Interview

After NARA’s recent donation of surgical masks to Greenspring Village assisted living community, (read about that here) they reached out to us curious to learn more about rendering.

Watch the below interview with NARA President and CEO, Nancy Foster, and Communications Director, Anna Wilkinson, with Greenspring to learn more about what rendering and why it’s environmentally-friendly and so important to sustainability.



NARA’s Greenspring Village Interview 



In short, rendering takes leftover animal meat that would otherwise become landfill waste and recycles it into protein and fat ingredients for new products. People are often surprised to realize they use these items every day! Such products include hundreds of consumer, industrial, and agricultural products, ranging from animal and pet food, biofuel, industrial lubricants, fireworks, and even crayons. Learn more facts about rendering here.

Consumers who care about what’s in the products they buy and how they’re sourced can feel positive knowing that rendered ingredients help the environment since they’re renewable, biodegradable, and prevent food waste. Rendered animal protein and fat ingredients used for pet food are clean and safe since they’re sanitized at extremely high temperatures during processing.

Renderers are proud that you, and consumers can enjoy the many safe and sustainable products they make possible through their work.

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